Unfortunately we had to postponed our Annual Meeting and Landowner appreciation event to a date TBD

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The Woodford SnoBusters would like to thank Bill Garrison from the Green Mountain National Forest for his dedication, stewardship, and career long commitment to maintaining and improving access to our Forest We all wish Bill the best in the next chapter of his life!

Several members of the SnoBusters presented Bill with a plaque, thanking him for his service and wishing him well in his retirement, recently at a Green Mountain National Forest Meeting.

Members from other snowmobile clubs and user groups were also present

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At last, it is that time of year!! VAST TMA's will be available for purchase beginning October 1, 2020 online via the VAST website, www.vtvast.org. You will be allowed to choose the club you wish to be a member of, just select your preferred club when filling out the online form. The Woodford SnoBusters encourage you to join where you ride; the trails you use the most should get your maintenance dollars. Think snow! ...

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During this Covid chaos, the Woodford SnoBusters have been weighing all options to come up with the best solution for trail work this season. Our priority, as always, is the safety of our volunteers and the community. Though there is always work to be done, thanks to our past volunteers' tireless efforts, we are in the fortunate position that our trails are in decent condition and there are no imminent projects that must be addressed this season. Therefore, we have decided not to schedule any organized trail work parties until we are assured we can do so in a safe and healthy manner. If any blow-downs or trail obstacles are noted we will send a few individuals out (while practicing safe distancing and other preventative measures) to clear the path. We appreciate the offers to work the trail this season and hope to spend some time in the woods with you at future clearing events.
Additionally, to further comply with Covid safety protocols, we will not be hosting our two Trail Workers Breakfasts this fall.
We are saddened to miss these interactions with our members and the community and look forward to the time we can all come together again in person.
Be well! Think Snow!

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The Woodford SnoBusters want to express our appreciation for all the workers that contribute to the strength, prosperity and well-being of our country in these confusing times and always. Happy Labor Day! Think Snow! ...

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