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The Woodford SnoBusters would like to thank Bill Garrison from the Green Mountain National Forest for his dedication, stewardship, and career long commitment to maintaining and improving access to our Forest We all wish Bill the best in the next chapter of his life!

Several members of the SnoBusters presented Bill with a plaque, thanking him for his service and wishing him well in his retirement, recently at a Green Mountain National Forest Meeting.

Members from other snowmobile clubs and user groups were also present

Thank you snowbusters crew! What a great weekend ...
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Thanks for great trails! I’m from Nh and am very impressed with the trails I was on today! I’m sure they got beat up by the late afternoon but that’s to be expected with the traffic. Will definitely be coming back! ...
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Hey snowmobilers, a fellow sledder lost his phone on the Woodford trails today. He thinks it was on Airport Road at or near one of the intersections. If anyone has located it, please message me or the Snow Pilots. We appreciate the help! Ride safe! Enjoy this snow! ...
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Woodford SnoBusters Trail Report, January 17, 2021: Got snow? Yes, yes we do! We picked up an additional 8-10" of light fluffy stuff last night. Yesterday's snow was wet and heavy, so will have groomed very nicely when all four of our groomers were out last night. Trails will be pretty sweet, but use caution, as the heavy snow may have left bent or broken trees. Enjoy! Think snow! ...
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